Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing18 May 2015 - 17:06
Rains Racing
Today was frustrating for the team after Mikey Taylor ran in 3rd position and Andrew passed three cars on the opening lap, but neither car was running at the checkered flag. Both drivers had short lived races with mechanical failures, but we'll be back at it tomorrow morning!

Progress is being made, and the team is learning!

Race 3 starts at 8:00am EST Sunday morning!
Well, we gave it our best shot! Very positive weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park with Rains Racing in the Pirelli World Challenge Championships. We showed what we are capable of, and showed what our team and partners are looking forward to in the future. Unfortunately some bad luck side lined us in a couple of the sessions but we consistently had the speed for a top five finish in the #26 Unitronic Volkswagen USA Jetta GLI!
My teammate Andrew Rains also suffered some miserable luck but did a fantastic job in his first pro race!

We are heading back to the shop to start preparing for the next race in June. I am confident we will come back stronger and better!

Thanks to all of our partners for the continued support! We could not do any of it without your help - National Bank of Commerce, Milltek Sport, AfriGIS, Black Forest Industries, Portable-Shade USA LLC, OMP Racing, Unitronic, RacingLine North America, and State Traditions!
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Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing12 May 2015 - 19:42
Rains Racing
Oh Canada, here we come! #HeadingNorth
We are on our way! The excitement is building as we make the long trip up to Canada for the debut of our Rains Racing, Pirelli World Challenge Championships program debut.

It has been a long road to get us to this point, but I couldn't be prouder of everyone involved with this team! Just being able to get to the race track is a victory for us, and hopefully we are able to bring home some decent results. Follow us live at www.world-challengetv.com throughout the weekend.

Thanks for the support of all of our partners, fans and family, we couldn't do this without you!
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Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing29 April 2015 - 15:58
Not too sure what to make of this new Volkswagen USA commercial, but it is funny!

Volkswagen made a cat video. It's REALLY WEIRD.
Somehow, this is about leasing. Or cat cosplay. Or maybe taking hallucinogens.
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing27 April 2015 - 17:05
Well, another great weekend at Barber Motorsports Park. Unfortunate that our Rains Racing Touring Cars weren't able to compete (Due to the full schedule the TC class skipped this round of the PWC championship).

However, I still had a great weekend hanging out with some of my PWC and Indy Car friends! Special thanks to KV Racing Technology for the kind hospitality during the IndyCar Series race, and also a big shoutout to Children's of Alabama (Racing for Children's) who use the racing environment to help raise money for childhood cancer patients!
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Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing23 April 2015 - 18:56
It is a pity these good looking Rains Racing Volkswagen USA touring cars don't get to go out and play with the rest of the Pirelli World Challenge Championships this weekend at Barber Motorsports Park, but we are looking forward Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in under a month! #Alabama Gearheads
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing19 April 2015 - 4:20
What a day! First time we have had both Rains Racing Volkswagen USA race cars on track together. A lot of sweat, tears and long hours have had to go into making this happen.
Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters for everything you do! We'll have one more day testing at Barber Motorsports Park tomorrow in preparation for our first Pirelli World Challenge race in just under a month!
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing11 April 2015 - 15:46
We are out at Cars and Coffee Birmingham today, showing off our Rains Racing Volkswagen USA GTI! Come back to see us! #PirellisForPerformance
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing02 April 2015 - 19:08
Rains Racing
Do you want to make a tangible difference in Rains Racing's success and literally help to keep us on track for the Pirelli World Challenge Championships, but cannot afford to be large financial partner?

We're announcing our 2015 Pirelli's for Performance fund-raising campaign!

For the price of a set of Pirelli North America P-Zero racing slicks you get your name, or phrase of your choosing, written on the sidewall of the tires you purchase for the team!

You also get receive a post on our team page, here's a shot of Mikey T Racing with his set!

Contact Team Manager Andrew Rains for payment and mailing information! You will receive an invoice for your billing purposes.

(205) 999-9751

We hope you are able to be a part of our efforts, join us in our adventure today!!!
Check out this great new initiative we are promoting with Rains Racing and our Pirelli World Challenge Championships program!

Contact Andrew Rains, or myself to get your name or phrase on our set of tires! Your contribution will help us to get our team to the track and competing for top honors! #PirellisForPerformance
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Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing31 March 2015 - 17:01
Rains Racing
2015 Team Send-off Track Event set for Saturday, April 18th at Barber Motorsports Park! Come out and meet and greet with the team and watch as we prepare for our debut with the Pirelli World Challenge Championships in May.

If you have a trackable car register with Chin Motorsports.com to enter the event yourself!

We're excited to officially unveil our team to the public, see you at the track!
We are looking forward to seeing all of our friends and supporter out at the Barber Motorsports Park, Chin Motorsports.com track day in April!

This should be a fun filled weekend, connecting our partners with new potential business allies and showing them our appreciation for all of their support. Hope to see as many of you out there as possible, please contact me for any inquiries! #RainsRacing #Volkswagen #PirelliWorldChallenge
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Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing25 March 2015 - 17:14
Sorry for the slight delay. It is a busy time for MTR as we are in full season swing.

Great time with Rains Racing this past weekend at Road Atlanta racing our Volkswagen GTI. My teammate Andrew Rains did a great job to bring the car home in 2nd place in both races! We are also busy welcoming onboard a bunch of new sponsors and partners, so give the Rains Racing page a "like" to stay updated on our progress!

We will be having another testing weekend at Barber Motorsports Park next month to officially kick off our season. Please contact myself or the Rains Racing page for more information as to how you can join us!
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Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing09 March 2015 - 20:48
It is never great to be at a track just watching and not driving, but overall a good weekend at Circuit of The Americas for the Pirelli World Challenge Championships! Exciting racing in all classes, especially the touring car class, and we look forward to joining in the fun come the month of May!

We have our work cut out for us against the rear wheel drive cars, but we look forward to showing everyone what our Volkswagen GTI and GLI can do! Rains Racing, Volkswagen USA, Volkswagen Motorsport! Stay tuned for more updates and announcements in the next few weeks!
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing06 March 2015 - 0:27
The sun is out, but it is still extremely cold and windy at Circuit of The Americas! Other than working with all of the teams and their Portable-Shade USA LLC products, I am also keeping a watchful eye on the Rains Racing competition in the Touring Car class! #SpyShots
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Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing02 March 2015 - 21:35
Although I won't be racing this weekend with Rains Racing at Circuit of The Americas. I will be present at the event representing Portable-Shade USA LLC who is supplying the Pirelli World Challenge Championships with all their branded flags. I look forward to a great event, and if you see me in the paddock come by and say hello!
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing24 February 2015 - 22:59
Unfortunately I will not be racing next week at Circuit of The Americas. We as a team are setting the foundations for a strong program in the future which takes time and for all the moving pieces to come together.

I am confident by the time we get to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in May, we will be more than prepared to battle against some tough competition in the Pirelli World Challenge Championships in our Volkswagen racing cars!
Rains Racing
Rains Racing to debut in the Pirelli World Challenge Championships Touring Car Round 2 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in May!

After testing last weekend at Road Atlanta, the team has collectively decided to focus on building infrastructure and team processes in order to be prepared for a debut in May. With a more workable time frame Rains Racing hopes to have two cars on the grid in the TC Class come May 15-17, 2015 at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park near Toronto, Ontario.

"As a young team, and a young business our focus has to be on the long-term growth and sustainability of our program. In order to build our business properly, and provide our partners the value and benefit they deserve, we have decided to focus our efforts on a debut at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. We don't have a huge budget, we're really just a group of passionate kids that are pursuing their dream in racing, so it's important to us to show up and represent our brand well. In the mean time we have planned to run an SCCA Majors race, and have planned test days to get our processes and personnel in order. With so many variables up in the air we want to make sure we make the right decisions for the future. Thank you to all our partners for supporting our decision, and pushing us to be successful!"

- Team Manager, Andrew Rains

Look for the team at Road Atlanta, March 20-22, 2015 competing in the US Majors Tour event. A public test event prior to the Team's planned debut in May will be announced shortly!
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing06 February 2015 - 17:40
Here is a little flash back Friday while I work towards the 2015 season. This was taken at Killarney Race Track in Cape Town, South Africa in 2011. My first year of formula car racing at 14 years old! It is the lessons you learn along the way that make you who you are today!

Only 4 weeks left until Pirelli World Challenge Championships at Circuit of The!
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing03 February 2015 - 18:51
Excited to announce my 2015 racing plans!

It has been great working with Rains Racing to help build this Volkswagen racing program from the ground up! There has and will be some bumps in the road, but I see a bright future ahead for this program and team!

I look forward to keeping you all updated throughout the season, and as always, thank you for all your support!

Let's go racing! Volkswagen Motorsport, AfriGIS, National Bank of Commerce, RacingLine North America, Milltek Sport, REVO Technik, USA, OMP Racing, Portable-Shade USA LLC, South Bend Clutch.

Rains Racing enters Pirelli World Challenge TC in 2015 - Pirelli World Challenge
Birmingham, Alabama - Rains Racing has in a short time become a local racing phenomenon, winning two Championships in 2014 running a stockcar in SCCA...
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing30 January 2015 - 19:00
Volkswagen Motorsport
It is great to see the sportsman like conduct of Volkswagen Motorsport with regards to their new 2017 WRC contenders. Do yourself a favor and wait till the end till the end of the video! #EasyToFollow
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing26 January 2015 - 19:36
What a weekend! While I was preparing for my racing season ahead, Daytona International Speedway was hosting the TUDOR Championship for the first race of the season, and easily of the toughest races of the year. Congratulations to all the winners and also all those who managed to finish, which is an achievement in itself!
Hopefully I will be there next year competing against some of the best in the business, and showing the likes of Chip Ganassi Racing Teams what I am capable of ;)

Ganassi Wins Drama-Filled Rolex 24 - Sportscar365
Following a drama-filled final 30 minutes that saw implications in two of the four classes, Chip Ganassi Racing powered through to claim victory in the 53rd Rolex 24 at Daytona.
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing23 January 2015 - 23:40
Sport Science: Will Powers
I have had a lot of people ask me why do racing drivers train as hard as they do in the gym, if all they have to do during a race is push the pedals, and turn a steering wheel.

Well, here is a great video to show you exactly how fit a racing driver has to be to compete at the highest level of the sport!
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing22 January 2015 - 20:16
Unfortunately I won't be in Daytona this week for the #Rolex24 like I have been for the last few years.
However, it's great knowing the work I'm putting in now will leading to many possibilities in the years ahead!

Good luck to all drivers and crews, may the best team win in this very grueling and demanding endurance race. Stay safe everyone!
Mikey T RacingMikey T Racing20 January 2015 - 18:53
It doesn't look like much, but I can assure you, it sure is exciting!
I cannot officially confirm what I will be racing this year because there is still a lot of unknown variables, but I am working as hard as possible to make it happen. Take a look at the footwell and pedals for my 2015 ride. We need to make a few adjustments, but it is coming along!

Thank you for all the support! 2015 is going to be great year, filled with all new challenges!